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  1. Soloist (+eventually masterclass )

 W. A. Mozart: Concerto nr. 2+4 for violin and orchestra 

 F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Concerto in e-minor op. 64

 H. Wieniawski: Concerto 1+2 for violin and orchestra

 J. Brahms: Concerto in D-Major op. 77

J. Sibelius: Concerto in d-minor op. 47

C. Nielsen: Concerto op. 33

P. Sarasate: ‘Carmen’ Fantasy , H. Wieniawski: ‘Faust’ Fantasy , Niels W. Gade ‘Capriccio’       

2. Recital cameral cu pianistul Jakob Alsgaard Bahr:

Sonatas by Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, Debussy, Ravel, Enescu, Grieg, Nielsen, Sonatina by Paul Constantinescu and many virtuosity pieces/encores as: ‘Carmen Fantasy’ by Sarasate, ‘Faust’ by Wieniawski, ‘Capriccio’ by Gade, but also wonderful Romanian pieces: Baladas by George Enescu and Ciprian Porumbescu, ‘Dans țărănesc’ by Dimitrescu or ‘Serenada’ by Mircea Chiriac

3. A program where Mihaela can both play as soloist and lead from the concertmaster’s chair: Carl Nielsen: A little Suite for strings op.1, Mozart 2nd or 4th Concerto and Tjaikovskj’s: ‘Serenade’ for strings

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